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What is Tell() and seek() functions ??

tell() function is using for telling the file pointer location but seek() is used for reset the file pointer.


f= open("fileName.txt")

print(f.tell()) #output 0

print(f.readline()) #output Reading 1 line.(This is good Idea)

print(f.tell()) #18


# Seek() Function

f= open("Nishu.txt")






What is DocString???

Docstring is a convenient way to identify that what is executing in a function. It is a type of comment which we can write within a function.That comment write within """ ("""example""").The syntax of Docsting is .__doc__ .


def function1(a,b):

"""This is a function used for calculating the average of two numbers."""

average= (a+b)/2


function1(5, 6)



This is a function which is calculating the average of two numbers.

What is Pycharm?

Pycharm is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) used in programming for the Python Language. It is working very smartly. Its provides code debugger and integrated unit tester.It helps in programming or web development with Django.It is giving suggestions while coding which is very useful for the programmer.

What is indentation?

Indentation indicates to the spaces at the starting of the  code.Indentation is very important in Python. It can be block of the code if the spaces are not correct.You have to use the same number of spaces in the same block of code. we can't skip the indentation in any condition.

It is use in loop(eg for, while, if) and etc.. We have to give atleast one space in loops otherwise it will count as syntax error.