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You only need to go through below two steps to completely download any website/code in world . Here is what you need to do :

### Download required software - Go to and download the software . Once software is downloaded you are all set .Follow simple steps to download any website or website code .

### More about httrack - Visit website . Simple , easy and you are done .


Step 1:  Open command-prompt in Administrator mode.

Step 2: Connect the USB device to the computer/laptop which is to be made bootable.

Step 3: Type diskpart and then press Enter .

Step 4: Type list disk to display a list of all the available storage devices on your system. Press Enter to continue.

Step 5: Select the disk that is your pen drive. Mostly, it is marked as Disk 1, it might vary system to system. Make sure not to select any other available disk as it will get formatted. To choose the disk, type the command select disk 1 (depending upon the number allocated to your pendrive) and press Enter.

Step 6: To make a pendrive bootable, we need to format it to clean the existing data. This can be done by the use of clean command. Type clean in cmd and enter.

Step 7: Now type create partition primary and press Enter. This will make the disk primary and ready to be made bootable.

Step 8: Nowto choose the partition created as primary, type the command select partition 1 and press Enter.

Step 9: Before making the disk bootable, we need to format it as NTFS because Windows uses NTFS file system for storage. This can be done with the use of command format=fs ntfs quick and press Enter.

Step 10: Type active and press Enter. This will mark the primary bootable partition as active.

Step 11: Type the command exit to exit DISKPART and press Enter.

Step 12: Now copy all the data from the OS(Windows/Linux/etc.) installation disk to your USB drive that is just been made bootable.

Once your data is copied to pendrive , its ready to boot hard disk and windows or any other operating installation .

What is an Interpreter in Python

We are using Interpreter for converting the high level language to machine language.Interpreter scan the program step by step(line wise) and if it founds some bugs, will give you an error while complier scan all the program in one time.Interpreter execution time is less than complier . It is very fast.It gives only 1 bug at a time.JavaScript, Ruby and python use Interpreter while Java ,C,and C++ use complier.