How to Install XAMPP on Ubuntu/Linux?

Posted on March 10, 2021

Installing XAMPP on Ubuntu/Linux

Step 1: Download the installation package


Step 2: Make the installation package executable

> cd /home/vishavjeet/Downloads

>sudo su

Download#>chmod 755

Step 3: Confirm execute permission

Download#> ls -l

Step 4: Launch the Setup Wizard

Download#>  ./

Step 5: Work through the graphical setup wizard


Step 6: Launch XAMPP through the Terminal

Download#>  /opt/lampp/lampp start

This output shows that XAMPP is started and already running. Please note that you need to manually start XAMPP each time you restart your system.

If you get the following output after starting XAMPP, it means that Net Tools are not installed on your system:

In order to install Net Tools, run the following command as root:

Download#> apt install net-tools

Step 7: Verify Installation



Uninstall XAMPP

Download#>cd /opt/lampp

Download#> ./uninstall

Download#> rm -r /opt/lampp

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Your post is really helpful for installation xampp in Linux .. Thanks