Python syntax compare to other programming language

Python syntax is very easy and understandable like English which can be write easily. It works smarty because of vast in-built Libraries.It is high level language or programmer friendly language.In python, we are using Interpreter for executing the program which is very fast and taking less time than complier. Python is used in AI.It is dynamically typed language.We don't need to compile the program as Java, C and C++.

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What is an Interpreter in Python

We are using Interpreter for converting the high level language to machine language.Interpreter scan the program step by step(line wise) and if it founds some bugs, will give you an error while complier scan all the program in one time.Interpreter execution time is less than complier . It is very fast.It gives only 1 bug at a time.JavaScript, Ruby and python use Interpreter while Java ,C,and C++ use complier.

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Why we use python

Python is a high level(programmer friendly:easy to understand) and general purpose programming language.There are vast in-built Libraries supported which you can imagine easily.Python has very simple syntax like English.It is an Interpreted Language.It improves productivity.

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What is indentation?

Indentation indicates to the spaces at the starting of the  code.Indentation is very important in Python. It can be block of the code if the spaces are not correct.You have to use the same number of spaces in the same block of code. we can't skip the indentation in any condition.

It is use in loop(eg for, while, if) and etc.. We have to give atleast one space in loops otherwise it will count as syntax error.

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