pip2 install using curl

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

sudo add-apt-repository universe

>sudo apt install python2

>sudo apt install curl

>curl https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py --output get-pip.py

>sudo apt install python3-pip

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Get the Test/Production credentials MID, merchant key for PAYTM Payment Gateway

Step1: Login for Paytm Dashboard using our paytm credentioals

           URL: https://dashboard.paytm.com/next/activate

Step2:  Click on Test Mode enabled

       Hint: find text like below

                   "Test Mode enabled

                    You can try out the Dashboard in Test Mode"

Step3:  Generate Test API Keys 

           Hint: Click on "Generate now" button

Note: If you don't want to create PAYTM merchant account for payment gateway then you can skip and  use test credential  which are given below

MID: DIY12386817555501617

Merchant Key: bKMfNxPPf_QdZppa

WEBSITE: DIYtestingweb

Channel id: WEB

Industry type id: Retail

You can access our Merchant Panel for seeing your transaction history and performing other operations:

URL: https://pguat.paytm.com/PayTMSecured/app/auth/login

Username: DIYtesting

Password: Paytm@197

After successfully initiating a transaction request, you can login to the test Wallet below & complete sample transactions :

Mobile Number : 7777777777

Password : Paytm12345

OTP : 489871


Refer the link below to download the plugin and utility kit as per your requirement.


API documentation –


Mobile SDK documentation –


Redirection: Once the transaction is completed you will be redirected to :


You can perform a STATUS QUERY to know the status of your transactions:



If Any Query ping on signal

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How can export data from database using python script?

import csv

import mysql.connector

db = mysql.connector.connect( host="", user="", password="", database="")

cursor= db.cursor()

cursor.execute("SELECT p.product_title, p.product_sku, ms.size_title, ps.product_quantity QTY FROM products p INNER JOIN product_sizes ps ON p.product_id=ps.product_id INNER JOIN master_sizes ms ON ps.size_id=ms.size_id ORDER BY p.product_id DESC")

result = cursor.fetchall()

with open('product_inventory.csv', 'w', newline='') as file:

    writer = csv.writer(file)

    writer.writerow(["Product Title", "Product Sku", "Size", "QTY"])

   for x in result:


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